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Julio Trigman

Julio Trigman (also known as JT) is a controversial former member of Liberalia, who has been tried for many separate breaches of Liberalian law. He was one of the earliest members of Liberalia, coming over from WWSETI where he is (in)famous for using puppets to harass the Hagge regime. Trigman is famous for his use of multiple public computers to avoid his IP being picked up on and blocked, and has boasted on multiple occasions that he will never be caught as he has access to so many. His use of puppets to spam, harass and infiltrate is long-documented.

His most recent attempt was through the puppet Supreme Chancellor Vallidorium. It was picked up immediately and he went on trial.

He worked on the early Parliamentary procedures laws which were refined and developed further by Curiaistan


During his time in Liberalia, Julio Trigman was one of the most famous members of the Capitalist Party (Now known as the centre right party, which ironically coincided with a name change at about Julio's departure), at one time standing for election as Prime Minister under them to only be narrowly beaten by Carops (it was later found that Trigman had allegedly used puppet nations to illegally vote for himself). He ultimately left before he was put on trial for multiple offences, including treason, spamming, acting against democracy, and slander. He had held numerous offices in Liberalia's past, including Speaker of the Parliament and Permanent Guardian.

Trigman, originally known as Science and Discovery, was elected to the position of Permanent Guardian to fill the vacant seat left by Loslakia on his ejection from the region. He was later impeached, during the Northern Sushi trial in May 2006, when it was argued by fellow Guardian Council members that he had misused his powers in the case. After numerous objections from him, stemming from the definition of the word "impeach", he became a voice of dissent in the region, creating numerous anti-Carops pieces of propaganda such as the Liberalia Tribune, and generally slandering and spamming. After evidence came to light that the May Prime Ministerial elections had been subject to voter fraud on Trigman's part, Farlane (the Director of Public Prosecutions at the time) pressed charges against him, but he left the region before the trial took place.

Supreme Chancellor Vallidorium

Trigman returned to Liberalia, in the guise of a puppet called Supreme Chancellor Vallidorium (a corruption of the Star Wars character Supreme Chancellor Valorum). Vallidorium was tried by the Guardian Council and, despite objections claiming his innocence, found guilty. SCV later admitted that he was indeed Trigman and went on to claim that he had numerous puppets in the region and that his access to multiple public computers meant that he would never be caught.

Other Puppets

Trigman has had many other puppets in the region that he used for spying. One was "Anonymous", which he used to try to prove the innocence of his other puppet, Supreme Chancellor Vallidorium.

Another was "Metternich the great", a short-lived attempt at spying, which was discovered as soon as the puppet posted.

His most recent puppet was "Environmentalists R Us". This puppet went undiscovered for a few months until he became suspicious. He was tried by the Guardian Council and, despite his claims of innocence, was found guilty and banned from the region.


Julio Trigman currently resides in Lichentia, where he serves as deputy prime minister and conservative party leader.

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